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Angelica archangelica, Angelica organic

Angelica archangelica, Angelica organic
Angelica archangelica, Angelica organic

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Angelica archangelica  order pharma seeds online
sorts and variety
Arterner Selection
selection with high content of volatile oil  and very good root yields
roots (Angelicae radix), fruits (Angelicae fructus)
most important active substances
in the root  volatile oil 0,35 – 1,3 % chief components phellandren, pinen, limonen; cumarine, furanocumarins, flavonoids
in the fruits  0,8-1,5 % volatile oil and  25 % fatty oil
most important usages
loss of appetite, mild gastrointestinal complaints, feeling of fullness, flatulence
Recommendations for Cultivation
Weight per Thousand Seed Grains: 4,0 g
Seed demand for drilling: autumn 8 – 10 kg/ha (only use new harvested seeds)
Demand for plantation: spring – autumn  4 plants/m▓
Distance between the rows: 50 cm
harvest: roots in the second year in autumn, the flowers must remove during the second year!

Die hier angegebenen Inhaltsstoffgehalte stammen aus der Beprobung unserer Vermehrungsbestände am Standort Deutschland.Diese Werte unterliegen natürlichen Schwankungen, die von klimatischen und anbautechnischen Faktoren bestimmt werden, die wir als Saatgutlieferant nicht beeinflussen können!
The values given here come from sampling our propagation stocks in Germany. These ingredients are subject to natural fluctuations, which are determined by climatic and cultivation factors, which we can not control/influence as a seed supplier.

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