Our strengths:

  • continual conservation breeding of medicinal plants (photo:Calendula officinalis)

Proven varieties of medicinal and aromatic plants do you get from the continual conservation breeding or in original quality.

  • chamomile (photo:Matricaria recutita)

Of Matricaria recutita (chamomile), we can offer several varieties, each suited to produce tea or extraction.

  • field multiplication of seeds

We offer new varieties with high ingredient levels and breeding origins worked with good production qualities as a basis for first class dry herbs.

  • technology and expertise – harvest loader PHARMASAAT – photo:harvest of Artemisia campestris

Our technology, combined with improvisation skills and expertise, we are an ideal partner for the practical realization of cultivation and experimental projects

  • homeopathic plants and renewable resources – photo:Candytuft (Iberis amara)

We breed according to your plants of homeopathy or renewable raw materials (fibers nettles, licorice, Aconitum and others).

  • cutting production - Mentha x piperita ‘Multimentha’

The seedling production is one of our strengths. We can increase your plant stock or make use of our range of various species (Artemisia dracunculus [French tarragon] Lipia citriodora, Stevia, Mentha rotundifolia, fruit mints, etc.).

  • Your breeding success of replication are in good hands.

Your breeding success is with us in good hands. We increase your grades and origins exclusively to fixed prices in top quality.

  • only high quality seeds left our house –photo:Inula helenium germ sample

Our seed is tested for purity and germination. Only high-quality seed leaves our house.

Our years of experience and expertise makes us a reliable partner.
We are happy to help!