Since 1997 we produce seeds of medicinal and aromatic plants under the EU Directive (EC - Eco Regulation).

DE-ÖKO-034 und EU-Landwirtschaft


The cultivated area has grown every year and now amounts to about 3 ha of course we work closely with organic farmers who grow for us seed, for it has been found that at our site in Artern not everything grows so well as elsewhere.

In such cases, we obtain the seed from Germany or other countries, increases in climates similar to ours are here. Since 2002, our greenhouse and film surfaces for seedling production are certified organic. All cuttings and seedlings are thus naturally from organic production.

Our production manager and consultant, Ina Aedtner working actively on the board of Ökoplant drive with ( to the organic cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants or to make progress on a solid foundation. Furthermore, we participate in projects that deal with ORGANIC SEEDS production and seed treatment products. All in all, organic farming developed very positively and we will continue to work to keep it that way!

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