In medicinal plant cultivation are high-quality seed varieties as well as strong seedlings / cuttings an important foundation for first-class quality of the crop.
The PHARMASAAT GmbH is a group-independent seed company in Germany since 1997 and produces seeds and seedlings of wild herbs and spices to food and medicinal plants.
In cooperation with the PHARMAPLANT Saatgut und Samen Versand aus ökologisch und biologisch gehaltenem Anbau( as a research company for medicinal and aromatic plants, we are able to offer breeders worked origins or varieties with high ingredient levels and good production qualities.
Working in the conservation breeding, new variety or laboratory analysis studies will be conducted at regular intervals, thus ensuring a high quality level of our seeds and planting material.

We have expanded our own plantation of 7 to 15 ha, of which more than 3 hectares managed according to organic guidelines. (just click Bio-certificates on the right or download).

Resource conservation is not just a phrase

  • we work in the greenhouse with natural enemies and plant resistance improvers
  • We operate in the open rotation with perennial clover
  • in different producing crops we work with catch crops,
  • The pesticide use in conventional areas is kept to a minimum
  • organic production unit is not moved within the operating areas
  • the entire power supply is only about renewable energy (just click certificate on the right or download)

We supply our herbs - seeds with very high purity and germination capacity nationally and internationally (see our online shop).
Our organically grown seedlings and young plants tolerate due to their fitness, longer transport distances.

We are looking forward to your inquiry and thank you for your interest in our products.

Your Pharmasaat-Team

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